Portfolios of the Atlanta Poor UPDATE

The Portfolios of the Atlanta Poor Project, conducted by the Dean’s Behavioral Economics Lab with support from the Center for the Economics Analysis of Risk and the AYSPS Economics Department, has just wrapped up phase 1 of the pilot. This phase focused on testing the stylized behavioral instruments we are using to measure risk and subjective beliefs. Phase 2 will begin in the Spring and will further test these instruments (including adjustments made after phase 1) and also test a 4 month financial diary. With Phase 1 we recruited 15 participants from a working poor population through a local non-profit. Phase 2 aims to recruit another 35 participants, with recruitment through another local non-profit. The pilot will conclude during the summer of 2014, with further study slated to begin Jan 2015. Our staff of interviewers has worked hard to integrate themselves with our target communities to grow trust between our team, our research goals, and the participants who are gracing us with their time and efforts. We look forward to solidifying our measures and approach, to begin preliminary analysis of the pilot data, and to grow our network with local NGO’s, private companies in Atlanta, and other academic areas of interest.